B*MAGIC exhibits at the
International Women's Day Celebration 2018 
in the Parktheater Eindhoven.
The event starts at 1 :00 PM and closes at 6:00 PM

It is the connection between a mother and the earth 

 What do you think motivates most actions?

What do you think makes you happy?

What makes your soul happy?
What does the child in you think about the adult you have become?
Questions I ask myself when I draw

Welcome to The Women's fair

"Mother Earth Imaging "

is an activity of B*MAGIC BV


Life can be tremendously beautiful and happy, while at the same time it can give you great sorrow and difficulties. What it in fact is, depends much more than we think on what we hold in our mindset. For in life Jing and Yang each holds the seed of the other.

In my great time of sorrow and difficulties I developed a mindset that got me and my family not only through this time, but it made us grow and it inspired us to become the best we can be.

In this time I started to draw. I just filled patterns in the beginning, but it developed in so much more. During this process it became clear that my inspiration was Mother Earth and I was drawing her mostly.

I found that in connecting with her I was healing. It did not matter whether I went out to walk, to do some gardening, to draw or just breathing consciously, the connection gave healing energy.

  Afbeelding invoegenAfbeelding invoegen
Mother Earth closes her eyes. She sees with the understanding of her heart. She creates the earth with her being.
Margriet van Dooren Afbeelding invoegen
As a child I was psychic, but I wasn't allowed to develop it. After giving birth to my first child, I started to take more interest in the spiritual meaning of life.
In 1997 I took three levels of spiritual education HUNA with Advanced Neuro Dynamics in Hawaii. Since then I satisfied my spiritual interest with studies and courses like: Reiki, Sacred Geometry, Aura Reading, Numerology, Mayan Heritage, Relation Coaching, Counseling and Neuro Linguistic Programming.
In 2004 I started teaching spiritual growing and meditation. Coaching came natural with the teaching.
During my 4 years retreat, the real meaning of life imposed on me with great force and I started to take an interest in everything that concerns the physical earth. I took a Master class Cradle to Cradle, a Permaculture Design Certification Course in Los Angelos and I started to develop a programme for companion plants. As a volunteer I realised a Permaculture Garden next to a community centre in Eindhoven. 
Beside this I learned how to build a house of sand bags. It's amazing how great it feels to be able to build your own house. There is a deep connection of the soul to the physical.

Now, I truly believe that we are deeply connected to the earth in more ways than just meet the eye. We are Earthlings! This has an impact on us that is not only physical, but mostly spiritual. With our spirit we can follow Mother Earth's spiritual disposition, in which is a range of lessons that can make us thrive.